Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coach Reggie Paid For My Shopping Spree

“Reggie Shropshire and I were members of the same business networking group. Each week, he talked about his seminars, but it took me several months to make room in my calendar to attend one. After all, I had already been running my business for five years; I wasn’t sure that he could teach me anything new…. I finally went to a 90-Day Business Planning Session, and I was sold! It wasn’t that Reggie presented earth-shattering material that I’d never heard, it was that he succeeded in getting me to spend an entire day in a setting where I was completely focused on evaluating my company’s current situation while setting goals and prioritizing action steps for the quarter to come. That planning session was so valuable for me and for the growth of my company, that I now attend this seminar regularly.

My husband, who runs his own small business, also attended the seminar. He encouraged me to start a one-on-one coaching program with Reggie, certain that we’d be a good fit for one another. At my husband’s insistence, I decided to give Reggie’s coaching program a try.

I’m a big believer in the old adage: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”, and one of the first things Reggie did was work with me to hire help and delegate low-level administrative work so that I could spend my time earning more business for my company. I thought I only needed part-time help, but turns out I needed a full-time assistant in my business. Reggie worked with me using his unique hiring format to identify my needs and select potential candidates. He also helped me fine-tune my leadership skills for this kind of management. Having been the national President of a 250,000 member non-profit organization, I didn’t think that I needed any leadership coaching, but Reggie gently helped me to see that motivating an employee who thinks of ‘work’ as a 4-letter word is a lot different than organizing a large group of passionate, committed volunteers.

I also appreciated Reggie’s numbers-based approach to prioritizing business demands and motivating myself. I had been dragging my heels on pursuing a government contract, thinking I was too busy with day-to-day business demands to carve out the time for the mountain of paperwork the proposal required. Reggie said: “Just figure out how much that contract will be worth to you on an annual basis and write that number down.” That certainly lit a fire under me—when I looked at it as a revenue-generator instead of a time-killer, I knew that working on that proposal was a must!

Through similar techniques, Reggie taught me how to make more money while spending less time working, and he encouraged me to reward myself for reaching personal sales goals. Once, I set the goal of making enough extra sales to pay off some revolving business debt; another time I promised myself a Herman Miller desk chair if I met a lofty goal. The debt is paid and my chair was worth every penny!

I now tell other business owners: “Invest just one day and a little bit of money to attend the 90-Day Planning Session, and I guarantee you that it will pay for itself over and over again.” I know. I’ve got the Louis Vuitton briefcase to prove it!

In all seriousness, the material rewards I’ve reaped from meeting my own goals mean very little compared to the satisfaction of running a healthy, growing business and leading a balanced life. It’s like those credit card commercials: Herman Miller desk chair: $1,500. Louis Vuitton bag: $1,100. Happy business owner with growing profits: Priceless.” — R. Renée Jones, A Creative Touch, Incorporated, Promotional Products Division

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Denise said...

Great reminder, Renee and Reggie, that Jim and I need to get back in for a 90 day planning session. They ALWAYS help our business grow!